Gutter cleaning: it’s that time of year!

Gutter cleaning before and after

Gutter cleaning before and after

There are many things that we do on a regular basis to keep our homes well maintained. Vacuuming the floor, cleaning the bathrooms and of course something close to our hearts – cleaning the windows and glass surface areas.


We all recognise that regular cleaning and maintenance is all part of keeping your home looking appealing and hygienic. It’s part of looking after what is likely your most valuable asset.


However there is one part of your regular cleaning and maintenance routine that you may overlook, until you strike a problem. We experienced a beautiful, unseasonably warm autumn in Sydney this year. But have you noticed now with winter here in earnest that leaves are collecting everywhere? The first instinct is to clean them up from your walkways or lawn. But they will be also lurking in other places doing much more unseen damage – in your gutters and drainage system.


It’s a wise idea to ensure that all of your gutters are given a thorough clear out at this time of year. Think of your home’s gutters like the arteries in your heart, requiring a clear path in order to work effectively. Build up of leaves and other waste matter in the gutters and drainage system is like plaque building up in your arteries. Initially you will not notice there is an issue. But when you do, it’s a big problem, sometimes with no warning.


Add to this the higher rainfall that we see at this time of year, and you’ve got a recipe for some potentially very serious damage to your property. Clogged pipes equal flooding. And water damage is nature at its most insidious.


All of this can be prevented with a simple and cost-effective clean of your gutters and repair of any damaged areas. Contact us today for a free quote.

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