Window cleaning – winter is here!

Winter window cleaning

Chemical-free window cleaning with water-fed poles

Winter is well and truly upon us, and with it brings the dreaded cold and flu. It’s the time of year that protecting the family against germs and bacteria is front of mind.

One of the most common reasons that we see interest from families and environmentally conscious businesses is the fact that we don’t use chemicals to achieve exceptional window cleaning results. This is made possible using ionised, ultra-pure water.

The interesting thing is, in order to process our water for use, our system removes dissolved solids and bacteria from the water. The water we use is then free of micro-organisms (such as legionella) that bacteria feeds upon. We then use this water through a water-fed pole to dissolve dirt ions from any glass surface.

What this all means is, the water we use is not only safer for your family, but its actually superior to a chemical-laden treatment.

So when we are asked if it’s beneficial to get your windows cleaned in winter, our answer (and that of our clients) is a resounding yes! It goes so much deeper than the visual appeal, much like keeping your bathroom clean. We challenge you to have a good look at your window sills and frames and not think about the bacteria that could be harboured there.

Of course we wouldn’t argue that windows resembling mirrors are pretty awesome too. Contact us today for a free quote.

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